BookSMART - ERP Connector

INTACT BooksSMART was designed to provide visual access to your document while working in your ERP system. BooksSMART links custom search data from your accounting system to the scanned image in INTACT.

Documents can be added from the BooksSMART window using a desktop scanner, a multifunctioning printer or by dragging from an existing folder.

BooksSMART provides comprehensive document solutions for ERP users and more importantly, your entire business by affordably increasing your ability to find, share and manage all the information that is critical to your daily business operations.


  • View the document that is specifically related to the window you have displayed in your software.

  • View all documents related to a custom value with the Related Documents Search.

  • Search your entire database of documents by either entering the value into the search box or dragging the red box over your search value.

  • Auto Index from the transaction in focus.

  • Create a transaction from the document.

*Once submitted, you will be redirected to information on INPOINT. Right click "Save Attachment As."

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